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Philosophy Ventures Offline With An Experience Rich, Multisensory Concept Store

Beauty brand Philosophy will shortly launch its first concept store in the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, New Jersey. The company hopes its WellBeing Beauty Workshop will be experience-rich and engage consumers across all senses: "the environment invites you to mindfully engage the senses on an individual level through touch, sight, sound and scent.” In addition to a discovery station where shoppers can touch, test and sample Philosophy skincare products, the store will have personalized consultants and a conversation station to promote Philosophy’s ethos and community. A cornerstone of this is the company’s ‘hope & grace’ initiative and its commitment to support mental health and well-being, as well as its undertaking to ...  More

"Philosophy Launches Its First WellBeing Beauty Store",, November 27, 2016

Sourdough Bread Maker Finds National Audience

A California bread bakery that began as a restaurant sideline has become so popular, among locals and nonlocals, it is shipping its product around the country. Manresa Bread of Los Gatos makes only sourdough breads that are highly hydrated and highly fermented. They therefore have a longer shelf life and can withstand shipping times. With each shipment the company sends detailed instructions for warming and storing the bread for maximum freshness, along with recipes. The company bakes the loaves, packs them (in plastic bags) and ships four-loaf orders every Tuesday via two-day or faster shipping. [ Image credit: © Manresa Bread Project ]

"This Los Gatos Bakery's Bread is so Good that it's Now Shipping Nationally", Business Journals, November 23, 2016

Pie Or Cake For Dessert? How About Both, In One Pastry?

Thanksgiving is over for 2016, but a peculiar leftover remains. The holiday dessert category now includes a mashup, or hybrid, known as the piecaken, a name that conjures up another Thanksgiving oddity, the turducken. The piecaken comprises a layer of pecan pie, a layer of pumpkin pie and a layer of apple upside-down cake, topped with cinnamon buttercream. Other incarnations feature fudge cake, peanut butter or cheesecake. The idea seems novel, but a baker in Minnesota has been turning out something similar for a while, but dubbed the "piesplosion." One version of it (the Black Forest) consists of cherry pie baked inside chocolate and red velvet cake. [ Image credit: © Jason Rogers ]

"Thanksgiving's most bizarre mashup bakes pie into cake — behold, the 'piecaken'", StarTribune, November 22, 2016

After Reports Of Food Waste, Meal Delivery Firm Fires Co-Founder

The co-founder of a San Francisco-based meal delivery start-up was replaced as CEO after news reports that the company wastes money on marketing and makes more food than customers use – as much as 16 percent wasted. Munchery denied it wasted food, noting that it was proud of the fact that any unsold food is donated to charities for redistribution to the poor. Nevertheless, the company replaced co-founder Tri Tran with new CEO James Beriker, a former chief executive of Simply Hired. [ Image credit: © ]

"Munchery CEO Replaced as it Grapples with Reports it Wastes 16% of Food Made", Business Journals, November 22, 2016

Food For All App Eases Access To Surplus Restaurant Meals

The Food for All project, funded by a Kickstarter campaign, has developed an app that eases the purchase of surplus restaurant food, helps reduce food waste, and saves consumers money. Food for All is based on a simple premise: people should be able to buy cheaply the unsold food prepared by restaurants, cafeterias, fast food eateries, and caterers – which together toss out more than 43 billion pounds of food annually. The app allows people to search for the closest restaurants that have available food; reports the price set by the restaurant (usually 50 to 80 percent cheaper); and tells the time when the food can be picked up (usually at closing or shift-end). [ Image credit: © Neighboring Food Co-op Association  ]

"An app that allows you to buy food restaurants did not sell by the end of the day, up to 80% cheaper.", News release, Food for All, November 20, 2016

Majority Of Food Retailers Are Working To Reduce Food Waste

Nearly three-fourths (71 percent) of food retailers who responded to an industry survey indicated that they were “aggressively investing” in ways to improve food donations to charities that feed the hungry. Retailers are also investing in areas related to food waste recycling (67 percent), food waste reduction (63 percent), and food waste disposal (58 percent). Within these areas, companies are devoting capital and employee time on improving food waste measurement and tracking. The survey was sponsored by the Food Waste Reduction Alliance, which includes the Food Marketing Institute. The FWRA analyzed food waste among U.S. food manufacturers, retailers, and restaurants. [ Image credit: © Wikipedia ]

"Food Waste Initiative Suggests Food Retail Industry Making Significant Reduction Efforts", Food Marketing Institute, November 16, 2016

Bakery Waste Is A Major Problem In The U.K.

One of the biggest sources of food waste in the U.K. is the baking industry. Waste is not only costly, it generates a lot of negative publicity. The country’s Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP) estimates the bakery, cake and cereals manufacturing sector generated 90,000 tons of avoidable waste in 2014 and 2015. That's about 10 percent of food manufacturing's total avoidable waste. Baked goods manufacturers are developing ways to cut waste. For example, foodservice and own-label supplier Fosters Bakery reworks a percentage of leftover dough back into the next batch, sells unsold bread loaves as breadcrumbs, and turns food waste into animal feed at £40 a ton. Nevertheless, the bakery still generates about £100,000 a year of food waste ...  More

"A waste of dough", British Baker, November 11, 2016

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